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We are NURA motion, a film production team from Northern Germany.
Together we make films.


Growing up in the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein, I developed a passion for film as a child. What began as a great fascination and a hobby quickly became a passion and a career choice that I have been pursuing ever since. Today I have the opportunity to express myself creatively through film and, thanks to my ten years of experience as an actress, I have also been working as a director, producer and screenwriter for several years.

My work is particularly characterized by my attention to detail and aesthetics and the motivation to tell stories with images in a unique way, to generate great, pure emotions.

I'm Daniel, 21 years old and I'm a director, film producer, film music composer and musician in general. I make short films, experimental short films and advertising/image films. I attach great importance to a good effect of image and sound in harmony, which is probably due to my background as a musician. I particularly like to tell stories with images that speak for themselves and tell their own story with the help of image metaphors.

I mostly stand behind the camera and take care of technical details, although I also occasionally stand in front of the camera.

I have been making films, just like music, for ages and they are some of the most important things that accompany me in my life.



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